Native Azaleas - Rododendrom

Historic Family Gardens

Stroll into the Historic Family Garden and you enter the hearts and minds behind Woodlands. Here the Morse family planted and nurtured a connoisseur's garden for more than half a century, before donating all their land to be preserved as a sanctuary for public enjoyment.

The camellia patch holds more than 50 varieties of big, colorful blooms that begin their showy parade in the grey days of winter. Mature shrubs and ornamental trees provide architectural interest throughout this part of Woodlands. There is Chinese snowball viburnum, gardenia, the sweet-scented tea olive, and flowering quince.

Notable trees include Japanese maples, a Pagoda dogwood, a winter-flowering apricot, and a huge deciduous big leaf magnolia. The shade garden sports ferns of many kinds, hostas, Lenten rose, astilbe and hydrangeas for color. The sunny garden is thick with flowering plants: butterfly bushes, magenta four o'clocks, yellow jessamine and the fall-blooming Confederate rose hibiscus, to name a few.

Walk through the Historic Family Garden at any season today and it looks like the young Dr. Morse made good on his flowery promise - to the lasting benefit of us all.

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